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Well, it appears that either the story about Robert Millar having a sex change is completely untrue or it’s been suppressed somehow. First, the sites which originally carried the story have removed the articles entirely, although they still show up in a search for “robert millar philippa york” on the almighty Google. Second, Wikipedia (also almighty) has removed a reference to its Robert Millar article citing what looks like one of the original pieces about the sex change (again, this still appears in a Google search, but probably not for much longer).

So – what can we surmise? The best bet is that the sex change rumors were completely fabricated, and some poor woman called Philippa York (who may or may not have been a man before, but that’s really none of our business) is being followed and photographed and assumed to be Robert Millar although she’s probably never heard of the guy, or Millar is York and wants the press to stop snooping around. Either way, it seems a reasonable request to leave both Millar and York – whether they’re one and the same or not – alone. Obviously neither of them wants to be in the limelight.