Image result for Robert MillarJust when you think cycling news can’t get any stranger, what with the bags of blood and asthma drug abuseand admissions of guilt, here’s something that’ll take your mind off of doping for awhile.

Britain’s one-time King of the Mountains Robert Millar is reportedly now a woman.

That’s right, the King has become a Queen:

For the powerful sporting hero who once failed a drugs test for having too much testosterone is now living as a woman under the name Philippa York in a Dorset village.

A neighbour said last night: “Everyone knows Philippa used to be a man but is too polite to speak to her about her previous life.

“She still likes cycling – you often see her on her bike, in all the gear, and with her long hair sticking out the sides of her cycling helmet.”

Apparently Millar disappeared several years ago – an author writing a biography on him wasn’t able to find him after a year’s looking, and when he was chosen to be among those inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame he not only didn’t show up at the induction ceremony, he didn’t even bother to contact the event organizers.

Frankly, I can understand why Millar York would want to be undercover these days, but what I can’t understand is why, when Millar was still Millar, he’d have done this:

Seven years ago, the first inkling of something unusual in his life came when he was seen in pigtails and with a suggestion of breasts under his top. A friend said at the time: “Every time we meet him he seems to have a bigger chest, but he won’t talk about it.”

Seems to me, once the process is started you either tell people what’s going on or you make new friends. The growing breasts could have been written off (perhaps) as a sign of age, but pigtails? Seriously?

Anyway, for those of you who have been kept up nights wondering where on earth Robert Millar has gotten to, you can now stop wondering.