Just in time for the nice riding weather, there’s news of a new pub in Portland (I know, I know – like we need more pubs in this city). But wait, this one’s different – and that difference is why it merits a spot on the Cycling Logue. This one caters to cyclists.
Hopworks Urban Brewery will apparently be sponsoring local bike teams, “providing pressurized air, and selling tubes and energy bars” along with the usual beer, and they’ll also be serving up a Radler. Anyone who’s been to Bavaria knows what that means, but for those who don’t – it’s a half lager, half lemon/lime soda concoction that’s a particularly good summertime drink (especially when it’s consumed by the bathtub-ful, as it is over there), although it is – as you might guess – generally considered one for the girls. That must be why I liked it so much.
At any rate, Hopworks Urban Brewery (otherwise known as HUB) is supposed to open sometime this summer. So if you’re in Portland, you know where to go. If you’re not in Portland, you’ve got another reason to visit.