3 Reasons You Should Try an Indoor Cycling ClassThere are so many reasons for you to head on over to the gym and sign up for indoor cycling classes. Perhaps you’re the type of person who enjoys riding a bike in the park or engaging in mild physical workouts that involve fun activity; whatever the reason, indoor cycling can be of great value to your body and mind.

In this article we’re going to discuss three reasons why indoor cycling is one of the best sporting activity for today’s overworked city folk. Keep in mind that having proper cycling shoes can increase the intensity of your workout. Best indoor cycling shoes are made with cleats that fit into the bike pedals, giving you a firmer grip. These cleats are not all identical so choose between the two-hole and the three-hole cleat systems and select what works for you.

1. It helps to burn extra calories

This is perfect for anybody hoping to shed a few extra pounds without spending countless hours in the gym. Indoor cycling burns about 500 calories per hour (on average) and research has shown that a stationary bike causes people to focus more heavily on the workout, therefore resulting in a higher calorie burn.
If your current goals include losing weight over a short period of time, then cycling is perfect for you. It only takes 3,500 calories to drop one pound of fat; which means that 6-8 classes of indoor cycling coupled with a healthy, balanced diet will allow you to whittle down your current fat.

2. It allows you to build muscle

Strength-training is the sport most commonly associated with muscle gain but endurance training is also another way to strengthen and build muscle over a sustainable period of time. Your leg muscles will be exerted through the constant cycling motion without the conditions normally experienced when riding a bike outdoor (such as the constant rising and lowering of body mass as you encounter different terrain).

Gluteus muscles are also targeted, as well as the hamstring, and this makes it possible to prevent injury as you go about your normal business, and to strengthen your endurance. When you take up the standing position to simulate riding down a hill, your quadriceps will be exercised, and the arms and core will be strengthened.

3. Lowered stress levels

If you exercise regularly then you might have come across the term “runner’s high”. It’s used to describe the feeling that comes upon you when the body releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones. When these hormones get released into the bloodstream, it gives you a sense of euphoria and lowers your stress levels significantly. In the long term, this serves to boost confidence and strengthen your body’s immune system.

A person who’s feeling empowered is likely to perform better at work and be more productive overall. Such a person is also likely to be more creative and capable of analyzing and decoding information more effectively.
Still not convinced that indoor cycling is good for you? Try it today and see the difference it brings into your life.